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Stewardship and guarding of your property all year round

Owner of a second home, during off-peak periods, it can find itself empty and vulnerable. We allow you to have a trusted person coming on site to manage and maintain your home so that you always find it in perfect condition. 


We ensure the supervision of all service providers who work on the property in your absence. Whether it is a landscaper, maintenance agent, electrician, as well as work management and site monitoring.


  • Shopping before your arrival

  • Laundry, dry cleaning

  • Mail forwarding

  • Search for craftsmen, monitoring of work

  • Other requests

Management of service providers for interior maintenance

  • Cleaning floors, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

  • Preparing the bedding

  • Checking household appliances, TV, internet, etc.

  • Small interior works

Management of service providers for exterior maintenance

Additional travel, receiving and forwarding mail, watering plants and other requests.

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